How does Past Life Regression (Future Life Progression) therapy help

As humans we are prone to repeating our experiences again and again and this tendency may linger across many lives. We generally do it unconsciously and an exploration of our past lives as well as future lives can resolve these unwanted repetitive tendencies in us. Staying attached to past lives can put us into a problematic state and a therapeutic healing is possible through treatment modalities associated with Past Life Regression (Future Life Progression). By opting for therapies likePast Life Regression (Future Life Progression) you can get an opportunity to explore your life’s blueprint or spiritual path that your soul intends to follow. Therapists like Dr. Manjunath Shastry from Aatma Sanjeevani aims at offering such therapies to let one gain clarity and direction in life as well as experience soul healing. These are powerful therapies to restore order in life and experience inner peace and fulfillment.

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