Resolve Psychosomatic problems with psycho-spiritual healing

Psychosomatic problems are increasing in leaps and bounds in todays world. It has assumed the status of a global epidemic deteriorating the quality of life of the victims. When the mind, psyche and emotional state of an individual become vulnerable and troubled, certain unwanted responses are produced in the physical being/body of the individual and that makes him or her victim of psychosomatic disorder. Attachment to hedonistic pleasures and too much of attachment to ego has caused humans to fall a prey to various kinds of psychosomatic issues. However, one can resolve psychosomatic problems by opting for the psycho-spiritual and wellness program. It is a healing therapy that can resolve psychosomatic problems and bring about major positive life changes through techniques like psycho-spiritual hypnosis. Dr. Manjunath Shastry of Aatma Sanjeevani is an expert in this field. He uses the psycho-spiritual hypnosis therapy to bypass the analytical, conscious mind, reach the sub-conscious mind and tap it for possible answers.

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