What is spirit releasing all about

Spiritual traditions known to mankind often talk about non-human existences that parallel the human existences of the physical world. These body-less non human existences are often called by names like ‘spirits’, ‘ghosts’ ‘demons’ and the like. These spirits often stay back on the earth and wreak havoc in the lives of humans. These are the earth bound spirits who stay back either due to their unfulfilled aspirations or to take revenge on someone. If you feel yourself into the clutches of any such abominable earth bound spirit, see a spirit releasing therapist like Dr. Manjunath Shastry of Aatma Sanjeevani. Spirit releasing consists in expelling evil spirits from the body of the possessed through the chanting of powerful holy mantras. Dr. Manjunath Shastry is adept in the technique of freeing one from spirit attachments. Book a sitting with him and restore order in your life by warding off the evil spirit from your life.

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