How to get respite from Black Magic

Have you heard of something called black magic? You probably have&it is one of the commonest evil practices undertaken by someone who wishes to wreak havoc in the lives of others. Thus, black magic is a common buzz word these days.

What is black magic all about?

In this world, where everything has a dichotomous aspect to it, black magic is no exception. It is actually the opposite of white magic. If white magic symbolizes benevolence, good intentions and positive energies, black magic symbolizes maliciousness and negative energies intended to bring about devastation and agony in the life of the victim.

In the present times, man too very smitten with the love for hedonism often takes to unscrupulous, evil practices to fulfill his own selfish ends. He often resorts to the use of powerful negative energies to achieve what he wouldnt have achieved otherwise. Casting a black magic spell on someone or creating black magic hexes can prove to be devastating not only for the victim but also for the one who does it.

If you think that your life is trapped amid Black magic hexes and is moving towards total ruin, dont delay to get in touch with a good Black Magic Specialist. An expert black magic specialist can set you free from the powerful black magic hexes through his art and proven healing techniques. One such renowned black magic guruji is Dr. Manjunath shastry of Athmasanjeevini. To avail his healing therapies, you need to make an appointment with him and meet him in person. Once you meet him face to face, you can discuss with him the afflictions of black magic that you are facing.

Guruji offers one respite from Black Magic through the use of various techniques. Read on to learn more on this:
Mantra Therapy
He may use powerful Vedic mantras to break the spell of black magic. Chanting of such mantras composed exclusively to serve as a black magic cure can weaken the power of black magic and gradually ward it off completely from your life. Chanting of such Black Magic tods is usually done by Guruji while performing certain special ritual or puja in support of his purpose.

Yantra Therapy

He may use Yantra therapy to strengthen your spiritual shield so that no negative energy causes you any harm. Yantras are special mantra energized instruments or tools that could be used to scare negative energies away from your house. The Yantras Shastry Ji may put to use for the purpose of putting an end to black magic include Siddha Durga Yantra, Siddha Kali Yantra, Siddha Hanuman Yantra.

Amulet/Kavach Therapy

He may use the power of amulets to keep black magic away from you. He will usually energize the amulet with powerful spiritual mantras and purify it through complex spiritual rituals before handing it over to you. Once energized in such a manner, these amulets may serve as an effective protective shield against black magic.

Mirror Therapy

He may make use of other techniques such as the mirror therapy to offer you respite and to reflect the negative energies of black magic towards the person who has done it.

White Magic Therapy

Black magic specialist, Dr. Manjunath Shastry ji may use opposing forces of positive energy to expel the negative energies from your life. He may perform special yagnas to invoke the spiritual energies from the Universe and later use those white energies as a weapon against the black energies of black magic.

While taking therapy for black magic issues at >Aathmasanjeevani you also need to abide by the various dos and donts Guruji prescribes for you. Move from darkness to light with Aathmasanjeevani&

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