Atmasanjeevini Astrological Solution to Education Problems Makes Life Easier for Students

The future of any child depends on education. Todays scenario is tough. Right from his school going age the child is under pressure. He must attend school and he must attend classes and then he must do homework. This creates a lot of stress and tension with the result that he fails to do what is expected as he progresses from school to college. It may be lack of focus and it may be due to external influences such as malefic influences in his chart that act as hurdles in academic progress. Sometimes, when your child faces issues it is a good idea to go in for astrological consultation.

Educational problems
The pressure on students keeps mounting as he progresses to graduate and postgraduate level. At some point he faces Educational problems like not being able to grasp topics or scoring low despite studying hard. Sometimes, a student may find it a little bit late that his problem is that he has chosen the wrong stream but he must go through with it. There are Education problem solutions if you consult Manjunath Shastry who excels in offering education solution by astrology.

Astrological solutions to educational problems
When everything else fails and your child still faces education problem then you can try some unconventional and holistic ways like consulting Athmasanjeevini astrological consultants for definite solutions. Some people try a variety of solutions to help a child study better and avoid stress. These domestic education problem solutions may be one or more of the following:
” Reciting mantras and praying to Goddess Saraswati in the hope she will bestow favors on your child.
” The student may recite Om Shreem Hreem Saraswatiaya Namah 21 times before he sits down to study and he can
do it in front of an idol of the Goddess.
” Some parents donate to the poor and pray for their childs success.
” Students are advised to consume food with no salt on Sundays and pray to Surya deva early in the morning.
” Students may recite Gayatri Mantra 21 times each day in the morning.
” If Mercury is weak then appropriate astrological solutions may be sought.
” Students may consume tulsi, ginger and honey.
All these are random and desperate measures that may not work because the root of the problem is not identified. It is better to consult Manjunath Shastry of athmasanjeevini for education solution by astrology. Here is why.

Astrological educational problem solution
A consultation with Manjunath Shastry starts by his examining the horoscope of the child and interview with the parents and with the child. This gives him a good idea of what educational problems the child is facing. Then the process goes on with a detailed examination of the chart, position of planets, malefic influences, dashas and other astrological points. Detailed examination of the chart helps Manjunath Shastry of Athmasanjeevini to divine the actual causes that are acting as blocks. He then offers precise and accurate astrological educational problem solutions in the form of mantras and rituals that should be followed to overcome obstacles caused by planets. You can see the result in a month as your child becomes calmer, mentally more focused and starts to succeed effortlessly in his studies.

Depending on the problem parents may be advised to conduct pooja ceremonies, get the child to wear a ring or a necklace, give donations and carry out other rituals as may be necessary. The malefic planets are appeased and the problems are resolved. Your child appears at exams and comes out with flying colors. Even if you do not believe it, you will find that it is worth a try. You will be surprised at the outcomes.

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