Atmasanjeevini Financial Problem Solution By Astrology

It happens to many people that they find themselves in a financially weak position despite their best efforts to get out of the rut. The fault could be in the circumstances or in the person or in the stars. The person may be under malefic influences of stars or spirits or even his surroundings or all of them. This being the case the best remedy is for the person to go in for astrological consultation to overcome financial problems.


When all else fails, turn to astrology

A person with financial issues may try several ways to set matters right but gives up because nothing works. He can become depressed at his failure. When everything fails one can always try astrology as financial problem solution. There is no harm in it and you will see benefits. You can try to resolve financial problem by astrology in several ways.

  • Get a Kuber yantra and use it according to guidelines.
  • Use Siddha Shree Yantra, considered a powerful astrological financial problem solution by many experts and users. You just put the yantra in an appropriate place and your house gains a new atmosphere of prosperity.
  • Chant mantras and perform certain ceremonies to overcome financial problem by astrology.

It is found that the above solutions may not work perfectly for everyone because underlying causes are different. It is a good idea to consult an expert astrologer like Manjunatha Shastry for diagnosis of the problem followed by remedies.


Astrological Diagnosis of Financial Problems

An astrological consultation and examination of the horoscope of the individual is the starting point to diagnosis and then remedies for financial problems.  Examination of the horoscope may reveal:

  • Powerful pitra dosha in the kundli
  • Existence of grahan yoga
  • Weak planets and pronounced effect of malefic planets that are in opposition to good planets.
  • Planets and stars are in certain dashas that impede progress.
  • Horoscope shows planets are positioned such that person does not have convincing personality.
  • Someone may have cast a spell on the individual.
  • Person’s horoscope and house vastu oppose each other.

Only a precise diagnosis can lead to an astrological financial problem solution that works and Manjunath Shastryji is expert in diagnosis as well as coming up with special remedies to overcome such financial problem by astrology.

Diagnosis based astrological remedy pathways

Diagnosis leads to pinpointing the problem point. If examination of horoscope reveals certain weaknesses then there always is an astrological remedy to overcome these problems and nullify the malefic effects or to strengthen weak planets.

  • The individual may be advised to carry out certain rituals and pooja ceremonies to appease the planets and also to please Devils and Devtas. He performs these ceremonies religiously for the prescribed time. Alternatively, Manjunath Shastry arranges and performs these rituals with pandits according to Vedic methods.
  • Affected individual may be advised to wear certain gemstones to ward off evil eye, weaken malefic influences and to strengthen certain planets. This leads to balance and improvement of finances.
  • The astrologer may examine the house and recommend vastu based changes to create a positive atmosphere and remove negative energies.

Hypnotherapy with astrology for financial problem

  • Sometimes there may be a psychic or internal block that hinders a person’s financial progress. Hypno-astrologer Manjunath Shastry ji offers cure for financial problem by hypnotherapy. The individual is put under deep hypnosis and his inner self is revealed which shows the roadblocks. Hypnotic suggestions have a powerful influence on his soul and mind and the individual begins to feel stronger and able to take the right decisions for financial progress.

Where there is a problem in astrology there is also a solution in astrology and you get positive benefits provided it is done right by an expert astrologer.


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