Manjunatha Shastry, Strongly believe that every human being on the earth is surrounded with some or the other problems in life. All of us wander through out, searching for solutions. But, the solutions for the all problems are there within us. Our Sub conscious mind knows about the solutions. Manjunatha Shastry has dedicated himself to talk to your sub conscious mind and find a solution (Parihara) for all your problems.

Manjunatha shastry – Education & Profession Manjunatha Shastry has qualified himself in the field of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering. He has also literate himself in computer science, with having the passion of exploring the world of internet for improving his knowledge.He is the founder of Micro cell computer technologies (Since 1996) and Micro cell Computer technologies PVT LTD (since 2001).

Manjunatha shastry – Spiritual Manjunatha shastry comes from a family, whose forefathers have been serving humanity through Astrology, Spiritual and Soul healing, Black Magic Specialist. Sri Seetharam Shastry, father of Manjunatha shastry, whom he believes to be the light for the path of his life.

We are experienced in helping people with problems such as

  • Inexplicable, out-of-the-way stress, anxiety & mood disorders
  • Depleting memory & concentration issues not natural to ones basic personality
  • Sudden bouts of multiple personality disorder
  • Feeling depressed or fatigued in mind and body for no apparent reason
  • Increased vulnerability due to bereavement, shock & panic attacks
  • Sudden suicidal tendencies for no apparent reason
  • Inclination towards alcohol, substance abuse
  • Inclination towards self harming
  • Frequent onslaught of dark memories of abuse associated with ones childhood
  • Attacks of Phantom illness
  • Cause-less psychic attacks
  • Medically unt-treatable metabolic or inflammatory conditions persisting for long
  • Losing sleep due to terror of repetitive nightmares
  • Getting to hear strange voices or feeling as it were somebody is watching you
  • Sensing some invisible presence around you
  • Feeling of being possessed or sensing the presence of a spirit that control you
  • Cold, eerie areas in your home
  • Presence bad odors in your homeTraces of lime or vermilion at several places in and around house
  • Frequent accidents occurring to you or to those visiting you