According to ancient theology and philosophy, energy runs through everything in this universe and humans too, being a part of the same universe bear a life force coursing through their body. The life force is actually the prana that keeps us alive and finds expression in the 7 Chakras or spinning wheels positioned in the various zones of our body. When these chakras dont spin in the way they should or do not open the way they should, several imperfections and imbalances start occurring in your life making you lose your peace of mind.

Lets learn about the 7 Chakras now:

1st Chakra:

Root chakra/Muladhara chakraLocation: Base of spineWhat is it all about?It denotes your connection with your roots; i.e. earth and your survival on earth

2nd Chakra:

Sacral Chakra /SvadhishanaLocation: Below belly buttonWhat is the chakra all about?It denotes the creative aspects of your life force and your love for all the pleasurable things of life.

3rd Chakra:

Solar Plexus/ManipuraLocation: center of the belly buttonWhat is it all about?It denotes decisiveness, self-confidence and self-power

4th Chakra:

Heart Chakra/AnahataLocation: Over the heartWhat is it all about?It denotes self-love as well as love and compassion for others around you.

5th Chakra:

Throat chakra/VisuddhaLocation: Between collar boneWhat is it all about?It denotes clarity and truthfulness of your speeches. It gives you the power to speak truth with all energy.

6th Chakra:

Third eye/AjnaLocation: Between eyebrowsWhat is it all about?It denotes spiritual growth, intuition or sensory and psychic awakening.

7th Chakra:

Top of headWhat is it all about?It denotes your connection with the cosmic energiesIf you feel an imbalance in your Chakras and feel that your life is going out of control gradually, you can get in touch with Dr. Manjunath Shastry of Aatma Sanjeevani. Hell fist check your chakras to understand wherein lies the problem and then mete out treatment accordingly. You are sure to experience the good results within just a few days.