Career is an important sphere of our lives. A good career can offer you with dream fulfillment and leave you content with yourself. It can give you financial affluence, all material comforts and also a lifestyle you had dreamt of always. In this present era of cut-throat competition, having a good career and maintaining it may prove to be a pretty challenging task. If you have managed to nail a good job and your boss is all happy with your performance, if you are getting salary hikes and promotions frequently and many other such career-related perks, you have a reason to be happy indeed because all are not as lucky as you in matters of career.

There are people who stay unemployed despite being professionally qualified; there are some who work for a poor salary despite being capable; also there are some who keep switching jobs and are unable to achieve professional stability; furthermore, there are people who never get noticed by the management despite all the hard work they do. Being ever unlucky in matters of career could have a deeper, underlying meaning. These problems could have an association with your past life or could be the outcome of Black Magic. If such is the case then Dr. Manjunath Shastry of Aatma Sanjeevani, could offer you with the best career problem solution through his Aatmachikitsa therapy.