We all have heard about the age-old proverb, Health is Wealth. Yes, health is indeed as valuable as wealth and sometimes even more. A person who enjoys good health has the world at his feet whereas a person, who remains sick and confined all the time, feels that life has forsaken him. As sensible humans we all hope to stay fit and fine for as long as we can. That explains why we often queue up at the doctors clinic every time we suspect the onset of a disease in us.

But despite making all efforts to stay in good health, there are people wholl fall prey to bouts of sickness frequently. Also, there are some wholl suffer from chronic diseases of stubborn nature and will eventually become bedridden. Such incessant attacks of diseases may come with deeper connotations apart from that which is apparent. It could be due to the misdoings of a notorious spirit in your house or due to black magic or even due to some trauma to health in your previous life. If you feel you have health problems that are impacting the quality of your life in a negative way, see Dr. Manjunath Shastry and avail his aatmachikitsa therapy for health problem solution to get permanent respite.