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Problems abound in our lives. Caught in the whirligig of problems, we often feel lost. Manjunath Shastry is the one who could rescue you. An electronics & telecommunication engineer by qualification, Manjunath decided to despise a lucrative career in order to serve humanity. Manjunath, the founder of two successful computer niche firms; Micro cell computer technologies (Since 1996) and Micro cell Computer technologies PVT LTD (since 2001), is now dedicated towards a greater cause. His interest in the sub-conscious mind has caused him to delve deeper only to find a feasible solution to the problems of mankind.

Manjunath Shashtry hails from a family of professional astrologers & spiritual/soul healers. Hence, the knack for healing troubled human beings through therapies like past life regression hypnosis, spirit attachment removal etc. comes naturally to him. Manjunath actually follows in the footsteps of his father, Sri Seetharam Shastry who too was a seasoned soul healer.

With the blessings of Goddess Mookambika, with that of the learned spiritual gurus & the knowledge handed over to him from his forefathers, Manjunath ventures out into the realm of professional soul healing & spiritual healing

Aatma sanjeevani as the name suggests is an initiative by the learned Manjunath Shastry to rejuvenate ailing souls, release them from the chaos & propel them towards a higher consciousness or supreme self-discovery. He is the one who can see beyond the mundane, apparent realities, converse with the sub-conscious mind and offer a solution for the varied issues we face in our day to day lives. If you think you have a problem with no solution at all or think yourself to be under the dark spell of black magic, come to Manjunath Shastry right away. He is adept in his art & uses modern as well traditional healing systems to undertake activities like black magic removal, past life regression therapy, gem therapy and the like.

After having consulted him, you would surely feel light at heart & soul and would see your life changing for the better&So, what are you waiting for? Get freed, get rejuvenated & get better in all the spheres of your life. Book an appointment today!


Manjunath Shastry, the man behind Aatma Sanjeevani is one of the most accomplished, result oriented hypnotherapists & soul healers in town. His vast experience in behavioral, emotional, spiritual & mental transformation allows one to achieve the best in life. The services offered by Manjunath Shastry are aimed towards resolving your life issues, letting you discover your true self & emerge transformed to the very core!

Often we face problems that are too stubborn to depart from our lives. No solution seems to give us respite from such issues and we may be really clueless as to what the real cause of the problem is. Manjunath Shastry will address the problems right at their root cause through deep healing therapies like spirit release prayer therapy, Indian black magic removal therapy, past life regression hypnosis, therapeutic healing of medically challenged chronic diseases, cosmic healing therapy, gem therapy and the like.

To see how Manjunath Shastry applies his lofty healing systems watch the interesting videos on www.aatmasanjeevani.com or on Youtube channel. The videos will let you gather an idea about the healing techniques applied by Shastry ji for releasing his clients from black magic, past life connections & earthbound spirits. The good thing is that Manjunath Shastry offers his services based on well-filtered, traditional modalities rather than on pure religious or metaphysical systems. After getting healed by Manjunath Shastry, youll feel free from all sorts of foreign attachments & past life associations. Youll move towards greater understanding & awareness. Get in touch with him without delay&!

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