How destructive can black magic be

Black magic is a harmful spell used by people to fulfill their selfish purposes or ulterior shady motives. During black magic, the negative energies of the universe are harnessed for negative reasons. These energies can turn out to be quite destructive under certain scenarios and can devastate the life of the victim in almost every way. The negative power of black magic can make the victim meet with failure at every step, can give a death blow to his or her confidence, can cause wealth drain, accidents, defamation, frequent bouts of sickness for the victim and can even put an end to the victims life. A Black magic specialist is a learned guru who could break the spell of black magic and set the victim free from its negative impacts. Dr. Manjunath Shastry of Aatma Sanjeevani is a well known Black magic specialist who uses the power of holy tantra-mantras to set his clients from black magic

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