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Atmasanjeevini Financial Problem Solution By Astrology

It happens to many people that they find themselves in a financially weak position despite their best efforts to get out of the rut. The fault could be in the circumstances or in the person or in the stars. The person may be under malefic influences of stars or spirits or even his surroundings or […]

Hypnosis; the modern cure for chronic diseases

Often people suffer from certain incurable chronic diseases that no medicine or treatment can cure. These medical conditions are of stubborn nature and spring from no apparent or obvious cause. These problems can however be uprooted from ones life through the use of hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy is an alternative therapy that has been in use for […]

Resolve Psychosomatic problems with psycho-spiritual healing

Psychosomatic problems are increasing in leaps and bounds in todays world. It has assumed the status of a global epidemic deteriorating the quality of life of the victims. When the mind, psyche and emotional state of an individual become vulnerable and troubled, certain unwanted responses are produced in the physical being/body of the individual and […]

What is spirit releasing all about

Spiritual traditions known to mankind often talk about non-human existences that parallel the human existences of the physical world. These body-less non human existences are often called by names like spirits, ghosts demons and the like. These spirits often stay back on the earth and wreak havoc in the lives of humans. These are the […]

Resolve unsolved medical problems with the healing art

These days health issues are common among all but there are certain health issues that remain medically unsolved putting the medical fraternity at its wits end. These medically unsolved cases are not like the conventional health issues; they are something more; something beyond the ambit of medical science. These unsolved medical problems can arise from […]

How destructive can black magic be

Black magic is a harmful spell used by people to fulfill their selfish purposes or ulterior shady motives. During black magic, the negative energies of the universe are harnessed for negative reasons. These energies can turn out to be quite destructive under certain scenarios and can devastate the life of the victim in almost every […]

Past life regression therapy knowledge

Often people come to experience certain emotions or behavioral aberrations much beyond their comprehension and also that of the world. They feel that they are not what they are and blurred images and faint memories of their previous life sweep their mindscape often putting them in a fix. Therapists associate such conditions with incarnations or […]

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